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Dispatches from Punk Black (Atlanta, GA)

Checked out another Punk Black show last night and was blown away. Several bands featuring black women in rock were on display, including Nerdkween, Conkrete God, and The Txlips. All rocked the stage with talent, energy, and perfection. I lost my voice singing along to Conkrete God’s Motorhead cover – like the metal head that I am – and had to give loud agreement to Gabby’s declaration about black women needing to rock. This was one of the best shows that I’ve ever been to…and I’ve been to A LOT of shows. I’m still lacking in the photography department, but I hope you enjoy what I was able to capture.

Alicia Gaines | Ganser, and a show review

I didn’t plan to go out, but really felt like I needed to see the city. I checked to see which bands would be playing at 529 Atlanta, my favorite spot to get a drink and some music, and saw that Ganser was on the bill.

I discovered a great new band to add to my music collection, and a new (and awesome!) individual to add to my blog. Alicia Gaines is the bassist and one of the vocalists for Ganser, and I’m glad I got a chance to experience them live.

529 has been remodeled since the last time I visited, and is no longer the small, cozy spot I fell in love with. The bands sit way higher on the stage, any my picture taking skills have not caught up. So please accept my mediocre shots, and check out the video from the band below to get a taste of their music. You won’t regret it!