Thalia Bellazecca – “Awakening” (Cover)

Thalia Bellazecca, formerly of Frozen Crown, doing an amazing guitar cover of Unleash The Archers’ ‘Awakening’.

UTA happens to be one of my favorite bands, and I actually just got to meet them and see them live a few months ago. I absolutely love it when my interests collide like this.

I’m not aware of Thalia currently being in any bands, but subscribe to her on YouTube for more awesome covers like this.

‘Negras no Metal’ on Instagram

Came across this awesome Instagram page (Negras no Metal) that focuses on black women in punk and metal bands. In the course of following this page, I have discovered several bands I knew nothing about before! The page is in Portuguese, but it’s packed with so much information that I view it as an invaluable resource. Check it out!