Welcome to the Black Women In Rock archive of blackwomeninrock.info. Here you can find information on black women in a variety of music genres, all of them related to Rock.

Most of the posts here were pulled from the Black Women In Rock Tumblr page, which was the original location for the blog. Those posts have been embedded here, with easier ways to search content, and easier access to post categories and tags.

NOTE: There is a bug where, when you move onto the second page of content, the Tumblr embeds turn into links. Refreshing the page will load the content properly. Clicking on the link will just lead you to the Tumblr blog post that corresponds, which I guess is alright as you’ll be able to view the content one way or another. 😛

Any questions/comments can be directed to jaleesa@blackwomeninrock.info

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BWIR Site Update: Music Genre Categories To Be Added

Hi All — I’m planning on adding music genre categories to all of the posts. One of the most frequent questions I get from people tends to be related to finding Black Women Rockers who are tied to a specific genre. It has always been my intention that this blog be used as a resource above anything else, and making it easier for you to get the information you are looking for is always a priority.

Tagging the thousands of posts that have accumulated on this blog will take some time, but I will soldier through it and post another update once this process has been completed. The music genres will be listed under the ‘Categories’ section so they can easily be found.

If there’s any features you would like to see here, or if you have any other questions or comments, feel free to reach out to the blog in either the comments section on this post, or by email (jaleesa@blackwomeninrock.info). I always welcome feedback and never mind serving as a sort of librarian to help anyone find information. 🙂


— Jaleesa

Currently migrating from Tumblr to WordPress

Hi there! The blog is in the process of being moved from Tumblr to WordPress. Some posts may look extremely out of wack as a result. Please bear with us while things get set up and cleaned up. Thanks!

EDIT: Some posts lost their attribution in the import process. If you see something that’s yours and would like to be credited for it, please email jaleesa@blackwomeninrock.info with the link in question, and we will fix it for you. Thanks!

EDIT (11/11/2016): Migration is complete as of today. Some posts that are on the Tumblr version of the blog weren’t uploaded here — they either were off-topic, were duplicates, or were hard to organize because of the loss of attribution. Enjoy the content going forward, and thanks for sticking by us!