Alexis Brown | “Taste of Ashes”

I re-uploaded one of the Straight Line Stitch videos from the concert I went to in 2012. This is video from 11 years ago so it is super fuzzy (even though it was recorded on a state of the art iPod Touch :D) so I held off on putting the other ones up for now. But I will upload the other three if people request!


Black Women In Metal: Part 1


It’s a common misconception that there are few people of color in metal bands, and particularly that there are no black women. In actuality, black women play very prominent roles in these types of bands — either guiding the group with their vocals, or powering through songs as instrumentalists.

Here are four black women who sing lead in metal bands:

Kayla Dixon (top left) – Lead vocalist for Witch Mountain, a doom/stoner metal band. Facebook page –

Cammie Gilbert (top right) – Lead vocalist for Oceans of Slumber, a progressive metal band. Facebook page –

Alexis Brown (bottom left) – Lead vocalist for Straight Line Stitch, a metal band from Tennessee (US). Facebook page –

Audrey Ebrotié (bottom right) – Lead vocalist for Diary of Destruction, a French metal band. Facebook page –

Part 2 coming next week!

Photo Credits: Kayla Dixon (Hillarie Jason), Cammie Gilbert (Catberry Photography), Alexis Brown (Kevin D. Soney), Audrey Ebrotié (Nicolas Gaire)