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Res Interview


Res Interview

When Res decided to release a Fleetwood Mac cover album last year, it wasn’t a surprise to anyone who’s familiar with her music that she’d
take on such a difficult task.

No matter how hard people have tried to
put her in a box genre wise, there’s no way you could just get away with
simply calling her an r&b/soul artist. Her music through the years
has reflected countless artists from different genres and that’s what’s
made her so unique and special.

Although things haven’t always been easy
for her after her debut “How I Do”, linking up with Talib Kweli for
constant collaborations has proven to be very fruitful to her career.

will definitely be interesting to hear what she’s got in store next for
her next solo release, and it promises to have a totally different
sound than the “Refried Mac” album she’s just released.

sat down with her and discussed her decision to do a cover album,
linking up with Talib Kweli, her origins in music, the next chapter of
her career, and more.

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